In a new move by Michigan State Senator Darwin Booher, it appears that Michiganders will find it easier to keep their roadkill. House Bill No. 613 states that persons "MAY POSSESS GAME, OTHER THAN A GAME BIRD, THAT IS EITHER KILLED BY, OR INJURED AND EUTHANIZED 3 FOLLOWING, A COLLISION WITH A MOTOR VEHICLE. THE DRIVER OF THE 4 MOTOR VEHICLE HAS FIRST PRIORITY TO TAKE POSSESSION OF THE GAME."

No more having to wait for the police to write your tag or picking up an occasional raccoon or muskrat for selling hides. Cleaner roads and fuller freezers, are on the way!









As the rule stands now, with a permit from local law enforcement, a person can posses a deer that was killed or seriously injured. Now, MLive is reporting that State Senator Darwin Booher has introduced House Bill 613