I mean...why not?

It's Ron Burgandy. We could do (and let's be honest, we already have done) worse.

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His reputation speaks for itself. Do any of the other candidates have this much television experience?

Are they as known and loved and respected as this man?

You know if this man is elected, he will automatically have the faith, trust, hope, and hearts of all of Lansing.

Preliminary polls are out.

Look at that big, sizeable lead.

We don't know about the other candidates, but we do know that Ron is right for Lansing.

Can the other candidates dance like this?

We think not.

The groundswell of support is slowly growing. The people will be heard and seen. With Ron Burgandy lawn signs. Old Town stands up for Ron.

The super classy yard signs that you have seen all over town are now available at Bad Annies, and Thrift Witch in Old Town Lansing. There is a $20 suggested donation and 100% of the proceeds go to support The Fledge in Lansing!
Thanks for doing your part to help Make Lansing Classy Again! (Ron Burgandy Lansing Mayor 2021)

There's even a website. All in an effort to get this man elected and to "Make Lansing Classy Again". Click HERE.

Do not just dismiss this idea. Join us. Give it a chance. If nothing else, see it through to the debates WHICH SHOULD BE ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!

Vote Ron Burgandy Mayor in 2021.

You like being classy don't you?

And of course this is all fun and games and parody. But someone has gone to amazing lengths to have fun with this and we salute them.

Seriously though, those debates would be fire. Virg would lose it and that would be epic.

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