As the band Rush hits the road for the R40 LIVE - 40th Anniversary Tour, you may or may not know where it all started in America.

My long time friend and mega Rush fan Wayne Rood, came across a poster that was the beginning of it all for Rush here in the states. A huge concert that was meant to be Woodstock-esque, was slated for the Northside Drive-In on Old 27. What they didn't expect, they got. Miserable rains and lack luster ticket sales made the show somewhat of a non event. But if you were one of the few, you were the first to get a glimpse of the Canadian power trio known as Rush. 40 years later we see sell out arenas and ticket prices upwards of $300.00 plus!

The funny thing is, I was 7 when this show was playing about three miles north of my childhood home. Like the old saying goes, "Northside Against The World!" It seems that a little bit of that has rubbed off on them as they celebrate an amazing milestone in their careers. Geddy, Alex and Neal...."You're Welcome!"

Photo Courtesy - Wayne Rood