Founding Father George Washington passed away... 215 years ago, he was 67 years-old. In honor of Father's Day Sunday, WMMQ is having a Founding Fathers Weekend! Playing the Founding Fathers of Classic Rock.

I made this post because 2 different times in the last week, I have seen the Rue McClanahan and James Garner death posts. Rue passed 5 years ago and James Garner died last year. Really, I look for any reason to bring up the Golden Girls.

It just shows what kind of culture we have become... Sharing articles that we haven't read. We like the headline and we like the idea of likes but we don't read the story ourselves.

My favorite fake story this week was: "FDA finds cocaine in Coors Light cans." Click here to read the fake story, then click here to see the story debunked by Then, there was fake $100 Kroger Gift Card hoax. Usually, when you click these bunk links, spyware or malware is downloaded to your computer. Click here to see that story debunked by Kroger. Why do people call it Krogers?

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