Cynthia Chaffer has been alive for 64 years but because she was born on Leap Day, she finally got to celebrate her "sweet 16" on February 29, 2020.

It's a common joke about people born on a Leap Day that they are significantly younger than they really are because the "actual" date they were born only comes every four years and luckily Chaffer totally gets it.

As she told MLive about what day she actually celebrates her birthday on non-leap years, “I do it on March the 1st. Also, I’m kinda unique, I do it on the 28th, too, to confuse people.”

There really is no slowing Chaffer down when it comes to her birthday and said she identifies more with her "Leap Year age" than her actual birthday.

When people notice her birthday on her license, Chaffer said people have a pretty funny respose, "They say my husband must really like them young.”

We are so glad Chaffer has fun with her birthday and can't wait to hear about all of her shenanigans for her "21st" birthday!

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