I loved Jamie Foxx on "In Living Color." Even liked his song "Blame it on the Alcohol." I love Jamie Foxx in "Django Unchained." He has a lot to lose.

An accident occurred outside of his L.A. home the other night. Instead of waiting for help to arrive, Jamie Foxx sprang into action and "rocked your world" by helping pull a man from a burning vehicle. Like a Hollywood script, Jamie said he is no hero.


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OK the EMT would have probably saved the dudes life but still. I can tell you from my severe accident, a calm, confident voice can keep you from going into shock. Especially a movie star, the confusion alone could settle the shock. "Are you Jamie Foxx?"

To top off his coolness, the father of the man he saved stopped to thank him for his good deed. He invited him into his mansion, reviewed house surveillance footage of the accident and chatted with the dad for about a half hour. That is AWESOME!

I love the question the dad asks... "I think we all hope we could do something, when the time is there. But the question is, do we act? Or do we fear (for) our own life? And he did not."

We all hope our favorite actors our good guys. Actions speak louder than roles.