Last week we had a great time hearing stories of your first concerts and shows around Lansing!   It was fun to hear of your adventures and remember some of our own.

Listener Tim Hoffman managed to dig up his first concert ticket stub from Blue Oyster Cult at Lansing Civic Arena in 1978 -- anybody got an older one?

Blue Oyster Cult Ticket Stub, Photo Tim Hoffman

That got me to sort through my collection, which I did with My Honey.   We realized we'd been at some of the same shows before we knew each other and shared more stories of concert adventures.

Here's a peek at part of my pile -- Bob Seger, Rolling Stones, CSN, Fleetwood Mac, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Joe Cocker -- Laser Zeppelin at Lansing Civic Arena and more.  My first real show ever - Def Leppard at the Ionia Free Fair - is towards the top of the pile -- that was August 1989. I also found a couple of buttons from Michigan Festival in there - I KNOW some of you went to those concerts!

Photo Deb Hart

And I got an email today from Lisa Bly, who was inspired by all the stories to go dig through HER collection -- she has a total of 100!  There should have been about 50 more, but those went to the ex husband, who got the whole jar full of ticket stubs that they had kept together.

Lisa says her first concert experience was seeing Bob Seger at Cobo Hall in 1976; she has 14 stubs from REO concerts, but has probably gone to 20 of those shows since she goes every year with her best girlfriend; she has a Neil Schon headband from a 1982 show - she has a lot of great stories and she still goes to shows all the time!

We'd love for you to send us pics of your favorite ticket stub -- or at least the oldest in your collection!