YouTube Courtesy Martin Jarmulowicz
YouTube Courtesy Martin Jarmulowicz


A friend of mine who lives in East Lansing mentioned on Facebook last week that she has an 'intruder' who keeps stinking up the inside of her house, but not the outside. She thought she found the hole that the skunk was using to gain entry, put some crumpled paper in it to see if the skunk would disturb it. The paper hasn't moved, but the stink keeps invading her space.

She has a friend who traps critters, so she asked him to get the pest lurking around her house, but at last report, has not yet been successful.

She was told that when she checks the traps, she should approach quietly so as to not startle whatever creature has been captured. Several people commented on Facebook that she should cover the trap with a blanket, which will keep the skunk from spraying her.



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