There's always a different perspective from which to view our world. Sometimes, to clear the mind of worries, it can be helpful to 'look up', especially at night.

Longtime WMMQ friend 'Mike Skywatcher' gazes at the sky from his secret observatory west of Lansing on a regular basis. He often photographs what he sees and shares the images with us, for you to also see.

This past weekend, Mike tracked the movement of Venus and Mercury across the night sky and used his super-powered photography gear to capture the 'action'.

Does it make you think about space travel? Businessinsider.com reports that by the end of 2018, Elon Musk will put two people into his SpaceX Dragon 2 capsule with the Falcon Heavy Rockets and blast 'em around the moon and back. The two private citizens will reportedly shell out $300 million each to 'ride the ride'.

If someone paid your way, would you go?