When it comes to snow and winter weather, it's always good to be prepared when it comes to shoveling not only snow, but wet snow as well.

According to the Lansing State Journal, snow and winter weather can wreak havoc on roads and slow down your commute, but they don't have to bother your back if you follow a few helpful reminders.

Make sure you have a shovel that's long enough for you to keep your back straight while you're shoveling snow.

You can tell if your shovel is too short if you have to hunch over to get it to the ground, or too long if the snow feels very heavy as you lift up.

The most important thing to do is to protect your back. Remember to bend at the knees and hips, keeping a wider base of support for stability.

With all this talk about shoveling, let me make it easier on you. Do what I did about 10 years ago. Go out and buy a snow blower. No worries about bending over, lifting heavy snow, or throwing out your back. Best investment you can ever make. Good Luck!

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