I know Mrs. Pants would love some meat for Valentine's Day.
I love me a good ol' cheeseburger. A bar burger on a big greasy, well seasoned grill. Medium well. Don't bring me a bleeding burger. I like delicious, processed American cheese, ketchup, lettuce, fresh onion. It better be a decent bun. I prefer seedless.

Some places in the area do it right. Some... How could they fail at such a staple bar food? I have made it known, I believe the areas best burger is served at the Mayfair. Even if I am in the area, I find a way to drop in a get one of those delicious bastards. My second favorite used to be at Leroy's Classic Pub but it has been bounced to third this year for the Spartan Hall of Fame Cafe. Their BBQ bacon burger is close to dethroning the Mayfair.

My wife had me bring her one home once from the tailgate show. Half of the burger got lost on the way home. The way the aroma hovered in my car killed me. It's a huge burger too so there is always some leftover.

What Mid-Michigan establishment serves the best burger, in your opinion?

I do them right at my house too but I am talking about going out burgers.

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