Driving through Webberville on my way home a few weeks ago, I spotted "John's" decorations. Last year, I had noticed his Star Wars decorations and talked about them on the air. This year, he had a few more.

Courtesy of the Pants Christmas Stash

So, I talked about it on the air. Yesterday I was driving by and saw this sign.

Courtesy of the Pants Christmas Stash

Here is how it all looked.

Courtesy of the Pants Christmas Stash

Thank you, John! It is a pleasure to drive by your house everyday and not because you have a sign with my name on it. Because the Christmas cheer that flows from the house. John had his decorations up after Thanksgiving weekend, BEFORE THE CITY OF WEBBERVILLE!

All filled up with Christmas cheer, I went to Meijer to take advantage of the Santa Bucks! While I was there, I spotted this.

Courtesy of the Pants Christmas Stash

It was originally 30 bucks but on sale for $19.99. Plus, 3 dollars off in Santa Bucks, 17 bucks! Mrs. Pants said "Do what you must."

Now, at work we have a Christmas tree in the lobby with gifts under it for "Toys for Tots." As I was walking to the studio the other day, one gift stood out. See if you can spot it.

Courtesy of the Pants Christmas Stash

To help get me in the spirit every year, Mrs. Pants and I do a lot of Christmas Special watching. Frosty is one of our favorites. We love to sit and shoot holes in the plot. We also love the Christmas movies. This year, the movie I am most looking forward to is Elf. Here are 18 things you may not know about Elf.

My Top 10 Favorite Christmas Movies.

Nothing this year has got me more in the Christmas spirit than the documentary "I am Santa Claus."

Normally, I get all dressed up up for the holiday party, it's tonight! Here are some former Pants outfits. 

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