"Stanley", a name many in Michigan know. For the record, it's not a "Flat Stanley" that you would receive in the mail. Not a "Stanley Steamer", chugging down the street. It's not even the door-to-door salesman coming to your door with Stanley home products. This Stanley is far more significant. The Stanley Cup! The most recognized trophy in all of sports!

In past years, I have had close run ins with the Stanley cup when Detroit Red Wings Chris Draper and Darren McCarty brought the cup to the Capitol for all to see. The most memorable was in 2012 when Matt Greene of the Los Angeles Kings brought the cup to his hometown of Grand Ledge, MI!

The 6' 3" defenseman made an appearance in his favorite Grand Ledge watering hole in August of 2012. The crowd at Preston's Bar erupted when Greene, hoisting the cup over his head, walked through and set the cup down for all to see.

All players of the team that win the Stanley Cup, get one day to do with is as they wish. Permitting that it's all with the guidelines of cup etiquette. With the Kings up 3 - 1 in the best of 7 series, the cup could be coming back to Michigan when it's Greene's day with it.

So right now, my fingers are crossed for the LA Kings to complete the sweep of the Rangers, or at least finish out the series with one more win. Would love to see it make it's way back to Preston's for another photo op. This time, a better pose with less beer!