With Father's Day coming this Sunday, a recent online survey asked about our favorite television 'dads'.

Homer Simpson made their list.  The question was favorite dads, not the best parent.  See the survey results here.

I asked the guys here at the radio station about their favorite dads from TV.  Joey Pants picked Peter Griffin from Family Guy.

Duran Martinez says Al Bundy from  Married with Children is his go-to for the, "...sheer pain of the reality of life."

Nick Chase chose Cliff Huxtable from The Cosby Show.

My pick is Dan Conner from Roseanne.

I asked My Honey who his favorite TV father was and he delivered three answers; 1) Cliff Huxtable for his sarcasm and wit 2) Mr. Cunningham from Happy Days because he reminds him most of his dad and 3) Tim 'The Toolman' Taylor from Home Improvement, because My Honey is such  a gear-head.  I also asked him who he thought Joey would pick and he immediately said, "Peter from Family Guy". He guessed that Nick would have picked Al Bundy, instead of Cliff.

Who do you like?