It's been a rainy, and sometimes stormy Wednesday in Mid-Michigan. A band of storms that passed near Lansing mid-afternoon spurned a Tornado Warning for Saginaw County around 6:00PM. Since we weren't expecting a lot of severe activity with today's scattered storms, it peaked my interest enough to keep an eye on the next wave weather. As I was signing off this evening just before 7:00PM, I had a great look at some impressive cloud formations. Luckily, all this ominous front brought was some brief, heavy rain and thunder to some parts of the area. As of 7:11PM we are still dry at the studios on the South Side!!

NW of WMMQ at 6:50PM
NW of WMMQ at 6:51PM
NW of WMMQ at 6:56PM
Due North of WMMQ towards Frandor at 6:59PM