I have to be honest, I have always been a fan of the term "Michigander." It is my primary choice for labeling citizens of the Mitten, Michigan. Some people actually like "Michiganians" like my partner Deb.

Well, there is now a bill 562 that would OFFICIALLY label people from Michigan as "Michiganders." Click here to see the full story. The bill has been approved and is now on the way to Governor Snyder to sign.

Don't worry about Human Trafficking, solving the opioid crisis or the crippled Michigan roads or crumbling infrastructure... Make sure we are Michiganders. Priorities are in place.

So, in your face Michiganians... I had to copy and paste that every time. I didn't have to do it with Michiganders. That is the #1 reason Michiganders should win.

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