That escalated quickly... The shelves in our area pot shops are all bare and the doors are closed for most. It is NOT legal for just anyone to go and buy pot. This is just the Medical people being denied access to their prescribed medication... If they are having caregiver issues.

If you know a grower/caregiver, you likely aren't having a problem. But if you were relying on dispensaries for your supply... You are bumming.

Now, IF the shops are allowed to buy from caregivers once again... The shops would be flooded. So, that is what the Governor is working on now. Click here to see the full story. 

There has been Medical Marijuana recalls lately because it has failed testing. That was the hardest I have laughed in awhile. What are they recalling? Ashes and roaches. Click here to see that story. Could such "hazardous elements" survive vaporization???

The conspiracy theory I heard is: They are trying to make the regulations so stringent, only big pharmaceutical companies would be able to grow in those conditions.



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