It never fails, no sooner does summer end and the stores are putting out Halloween candy. Halloween ends and the aisles and shelves are loaded with Christmas items. And now that Christmas has ended two weeks ago, Valentines candy is flooding the shelves like a red tide!

Candies, cards and stuffed animals with hearts that read "be mine" are everywhere. Many of them unaware that they will be a constant reminder of an eventual heartbreak and the subsequent voyage to a nearby landfill because of it.

Is it really know wonder that one of the holidays most notoriously known for its celebratory drinking follows Valentine's Day? Sure St. Patrick led the snakes from Ireland, but is that really a reason to drink so heavily?

WIth over a month until February 14th, I give it until February 12th before we see an ocean of emerald green and "kiss me I'm Irish" gear!


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