Well gang, now the universe is just taunting us.

The dive bar is a staple for many who just enjoy the smaller, more homey feel while you indulge in your favorite beer or cocktail after a long day.

Who needs the fancy clubs or "mixology" when you could pull up a chair at your favorite local bar, where the bartender already knows what you want and you've got your regular crowd around you?

Honestly, if my bar experience could be like the gang from "Cheers" I would probably go to the bar more often. Sometimes you really do just "wanna go where everybody knows your name."

Well, with COVID-19 and the subsequent shutdowns and restrictions, you may have a harder time getting out to celebrate National Dive Bar Day.

According to National Day Calendar July 7th was dubbed "National Dive Bar Day" as Seagram's Seven Crown wanted to recognize dive bars and their place in our hearts.

"Seagram's Seven Crown strives to help preserve the dive bar," says National Day Calendar. "Those places with lasting personality, who take care of their own."

National Day Calendar also says Seagram's 7 joins historic preservation initiatives in the name of dive bars everywhere and even backs the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Starting in 2018, it was "proclaimed" National Dive Bar Day would be an actual "observed" National Day every year on July seventh.

While your favorite dive may be closed due to COVID, you could still potentially purchase gift certificates to be used at a later date, if they offer such services.

Also, though, according to Lansing State Journal, bars and restaurants in Michigan have gotten the "go-ahead" with cocktails to go. Click here for all the specifics on that!

This year (2020) has been all about making do with what we've got and making the most out of our current situation, so why not get yourself a cocktail to-go from your favorite local dive bar?

Help them out and you have an excuse to have a little pick-me-up on this fine, summer Tuesday.

As always, enjoy responsibly and DO NOT drink and drive!

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Or, get all the ingredients and test out your own "amateur" bartending skills, it could land you a spot as your local dive bar's new favorite.

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