Non-vegans may not be sold on her at first but Tabitha Brown's calming voice and caring nature is making her a hit across the internet.

According to Because of Them We Can, the North Carolina native became a vegan after watching the Netflix documentary "What the Health" and decided to undergo a 30-day vegan challenge. Within 10 days of the challenge, the chronic pain she was battling went away so, attributing it to her lifestyle change, Brown continued on.

Now, she has become known for her vegan food recipe videos and comedic reviews and has over two-million followers on TikTok.

She even has me inspired to start incorporating healthier, vegan options into my daily diet with things I had never heard of like a lotus root (!?).

@iamtabithabrownCajun seasoned Lotus root Airfried with a lil blanch on the side! ##tabithabrown♬ original sound - iamtabithabrown

Using her favorite regular ingredients like cajun seasoning, liquid smoke and garlic poweder, Brown showcases her skills by making vegetables taste like meats we all know and love like bacon...but made out of carrots.

As Because of Them We Can said it, she has become our collective "auntie" and honestly, she's the "auntie" we all could use right now.

Sometimes Brown even takes a break from helping us learn to be the best chefs we can be and shares some life advice. Take this one, for example, where she reminds us to not be so hard by ourselves.

@iamtabithabrownStop being so hard on yourself ❤️ You are doing great! I love you! ##tabithabrown

♬ original sound - iamtabithabrown

Brown is also an actress and you can follow her on other social media sites at @iamtabithabrown.

Safe to say Brown has a fan in me and if you are at all interested in healthy cooking or just having a kind lady just try to do nice things for all of us, you probably will be a fan too!

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