In case you have missed it, 11 year old Gavin Dingman of Oceola Township harvested this 12 point albino whitetail buck. While hunting with his father Mick, the younger Dingman was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime. Having made the successful shot with his crossbow, a beautiful trophy was harvested. No one could ever imagine what would follow. I was even granted a rare opportunity to speak with Mick Dingman on my show Wild Michigan. You can hear the interview by clicking the link: Wild Michigan - Mick Dingman Interview

The buck in question has been watched by a group of hunters, all with their eyes on the prize that (if I do my cipherin' right) is about a 1/100,000 chance. The lack of pigment caused by a genetic disorder is found in all animals and even fish. These animals normally do not make it to maturity because of their inability to blend in with their natural habitat and fall to predators.

The backlash from the hunting community and anti-hunting community has been astounding! For the record, there is NOTHING on Michigan law books that makes taking an animal such as this "illegal.'' That law was lifted in 2008. Secondly, making death threats to an 11 year-old is appalling! The research was made by the family to make sure if the encounter ever occurred, that it would be legal to shoot.

Many are claiming "legend" and the most often misquoted "old wise tails," not the correct "old wives tails" term. All of those claims being solely superstition and without scientific basis.

As a proud member of the Michigan hunting community, I stand behind the Dingman's and their decision to harvest this great deer! Had it not been taken, we would have not had the opportunity to witness what most that hunt deer in Michigan never get to see...."A MATURE, 12 POINT BUCK!" Much less a mature albino whitetail! The deer will now receive a full body mount to forever be honored and appreciated.