I try to sway away from politics. It's divisive and toxic and not a lot of fun to talk about. People get so heated, they attack you, your family, threaten your life... I'd rather not have all that happen to me. So, I stay neutral.

Ted Nugent is so polarizing, you either love him or hate him. He recently came out and said "FUR IS MURDER!"

He didn't really but he did say Michigan doesn't qualify as America anymore. He also once said Michigan is not the state he grew up in.

I was born in Detroit. You know Laura, Michigan was the arsenal of democracy," Nugent told Ingraham. "It was the epicenter of work ethic and pride of productivity when I was born in '48. But unfortunately it's turned into a suburb of San Francisco now politically and it just breaks my heart.

California, Oregon, Washington, Michigan, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts — politically, those states don't even qualify as America anymore. It's just heartbreaking.

Jeff Swensen Thinkstock
Jeff Swensen Thinkstock


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