Photographer Duran Martinez reports that an elderly couple had stopped on the Mackinaw Bridge yesterday morning and got out to switch drivers when the man was struck by a vehicle (no word on his condition) - that led to a multi-vehicle pile-up that closed the 5 mile bridge closed from around 9:45 AM until around 2:40 PM. There were 50 mile an hour winds and poor visibility at the time. Sounds like a police cruiser got smashed by a snow plow.

I saw the news when I was getting my hair cut yesterday afternoon and mentioned it to my stylist. She said she used to hate crossing the bridge in nice weather when her college basketball team had to take the team bus across to play in the UP.

It was a pretty smooth summer-time crossing the one time I drove it - have you crossed the Mighty Mac on a really windy day? Tell us about it.