If you have seen the Fox show "Dads", there is no missing Brenda Song. She plays "Veronica" the sassy assistant. She is so hot, I actually tuned into this god awful show that is soon to be cancelled just to see her. I initially tuned in for Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi because I am a big fan of both. In the end, the show sucks but she is a keeper.

Turns out Brenda has been around for a while. She made her acting debut at 7 years old on "Thunder Ally."

She has also appeared on the Fox show "New Girl."

How long can someone be a "New Girl?"

Now, she has the creepy paparazzi following her everywhere, so her star is definitly rising.

Brenda Strong/Getty Images

"Dads" also turned me on to the Fox show "Brooklyn Nine-Nine", the award winning show that follows it. "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" is my favorite new show this year. "Dads" had their season finale (probably series finale) Tuesday night. They took a shot at "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" in the episode. You can see that video and a nice picture of Brenda in a sailor outfit by clicking here.

The point is, I would watch crappy t.v. just to get a peep at Brenda's hotness.

Thank you, God! JP