About years ago at the royal wedding, dudes were treated to the world class backside of Pippa Middleton. For days that is all I heard. "Did you see Pippa's butt?" Everyone was asking. This might be the most famous picture of a butt ever!

Pippa couldn't hold a candle to my BOOTY OF THE YEAR 2014. The current most famous butt is probably internet sensation Jen Selter. Check out her booty by clicking here. She isn't my champion though.

We are almost a month without paying for television! Mrs. Pants and I agreed we are happy we cut the cord. One of the many channels we get now has the show Steven and Chris, a mildly entertaining Canadian talk show. Mrs. Pants were watching it this weekend and wow, were we blown away by one of their guests, 33 year-old Canadian Lyzabeth Lopez. The clip below is what we saw. A booty that would make Jessica Rabbit envious.

Then in another episode she jumped rope!

Mrs. Pants was the first to google her and found out she is obviously a workout model. Of course she has her own youtube page and video blog. The swimsuit portion at the end is my favorite.


That booty is so hot, you can crack an egg AND cook breakfast on it.

I am always looking for workout motivation and found some thanks to Lyzabeth. It just goes to show you, you don't have to pay for television to find something good on. I found the booty of the year!

To find out more about Lyzabeth check out her website http://www.lyzabethlopez.com/

Get daily motivation from Lyzabeth on her Facebook fitness page. https://www.facebook.com/lyzabethlopezfitness