The National Oceanic Atmospheric Association (National Weather Service) is predicting that the weather for Thanksgiving this year here in mid-Michigan will see sunshine with high temperatures right around freezing, then warming up to the mid 40s on Black Friday for all the shopping madness. indicates that typically for this point in the weather year, high temperatures average the mid to upper 40s, dropping to the upper 20s at night. Typically, says, Lansing area high temperatures in January are usually floating right around the freezing point, dropping to the teens at night.

At least temps haven't been in the teens, right?

Hopefully the forecast for some sunshine and no snow Wednesday afternoon into Thanksgiving will mean smooth sailing for everyone hitting the road for this upcoming holiday.

Safe travels to you and yours as you make your way to your Thanksgiving destination this year. And remember, just because someone brings up politics, you don't have to engage in the conversation if it's going to be a fire-starter!



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