The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is reporting that the carcasses of two bull elk were found this past Saturday, north of Atlanta, Michigan, which is not too far south of the Mackinac Bridge.

It's believed that the two elk were likely shot this past Thursday, November 15th. The DNR did not specify if the antlers were removed from the elk or not.

The DNR is asking that if you know anything, please contact the DNR Law Enforcement Division at the Gaylor Ops Center at 989-732-3541. You can also call or text the 24 hour Report All Poaching line at 800-292-7800.

Tips may be left anonymously, and monetary rewards often are offered for information that leads to the arrest of violators.

Remember the story here from two years ago about a guy who shot an elk in that same area, near Atlanta, who thought he'd gotten a really big deer? Seriously.

Sounds like it's not terribly uncommon for hunters in that part of the state to mistake an elk for a really big deer, which is a really expensive mistake if you take an elk without a tag and you get caught.



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