McMorran Arena is an impressive destination for those who enjoy sports, concerts, stage plays, or movies.

Constructed in 1960, this complex in Port Huron cost $3.5 million, which would be about $31 million today. The sports arena seats 4,800 fans and 1,157 patrons in the theater. It’s the theater we’re interested in this time around.

It seems there have been claims of paranormal happenings here – not just one or two by some crazy customer or faulty ghost-hunting equipment, but a whole handful of occurrences.

The management has gone through a number of night time cleaning crews. Crew members said eyes would appear from nowhere as the crew went up the stairs to the balcony. Orbs were seen going up the stairs, around the corners, and flitting through the balcony seats.

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One time a woman suddenly appeared on the balcony stairs. It was unnerving enough that the ParaHaunt Paranormal Researchers were brought in to see what they could uncover. The team did manage to get an EVP recording of a woman saying “I don’t belong here!”

According to The Times Herald, former theater manager Scot Kavanagh had a ghost following him around. This was discovered when one of the investigators asked him “who’s that little bald guy that follows you around?” Thinking they were referring to a fellow employee, Scot was surprised when the team told him they captured the apparition of a small bald man trailing behind him. Ongoing team investigations kept showing spectral activity going on around Scot, possibly caused by a former theater technician. This went on until the day Scot left the job.

Documentary maker Chris Troy is aware of the female apparition. He believes it’s the spirit of a woman named Mary Miller, a former cleaning woman. Before the arena/theater was built in 1960, the old city hall had been on that same site. In August 1903, Mary was on the job cleaning when she fell off a ladder and was killed. The city hall was badly damaged when it caught fire in February 1949 and was eventually demolished. Now she asserts “I don’t belong here!” to whoever will listen.

The McMorran Place Theater is located at 701 McMorran Blvd, Port Huron.

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