Finally! Something to watch at Ford Field OTHER than the Lions losing... AGAIN. The Lions are going to have cheerleaders this year. Tryouts are coming up June 25th. Click here for all the details.

There are 6 teams still without cheerleaders. Some are some horrible football teams too. Chicago, Green Bay, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, N.Y. Giants and Buffalo. The Buffalo "Jills" worked for more than 40 years. They disbanded in 2014 after a lawsuit because they weren't being paid very well. It kind of makes sense, all of those teams play outdoors, in cold weather. The Lions play indoors at Ford Field.

The Lions will have tryouts Saturday, June 25 at Ford Field. Registration is required ($25) and information is available at or by calling (313) 262-2300.

Tryouts are not open to the public.

The cheerleaders will make their regular-season debut at Ford Field Sept. 18 in the home opener against Tennessee.