Every weekday at noon my buddy Duran Martinez plays someones Perfect Album Side. You can get your list submitted by clicking here. Now, It's not like "side 1 of 2112!" It's the songs that make up the soundtrack of your life.

I have been listening while I've been working around the house and really digging some of the listener suggestions. Of course we can't go off the radar but we try to please. Today, I got my list together and hit submit.

Song 1: April Wine "Roller." There is so much more to this band than "I Like to Rock" or "Just Between You and Me." To me, this is hands down, their best tune.

Song 2: "Humble Pie: "Hot N' Nasty." "30 Days in the Hole" is a JAM but Nasty has SOUL. Peter Frampton was 18 years old playing guitar for these guys.

Song 3: Uriah Heep "Stealin'." If you haven't heard this song... Stop what you are doing and listen to it. It's amazing. The crown jewel in the Uriah Heep.

Song 4: Rush "2112." I am not getting greedy, I asked for the 6 minute version. Once upon a time, I played the 20 minutes version... I got calls for HOURS thanking me.

Song 5: Foghat "Drivin' Wheel." Seriously, another JAM! Try going the speed limit to this one. "Slow Ride" and "Fool for the City" get all the love. When I want to get pumped... It's Drivin' Wheel. (Side note about the Foghat name. In the 70's when you were going behind the garage to fire it up... You were putting on your Foghat)

Song 6: Kim Mitchell "Go for a Soda." Duran Martinez turned me on to this tune and it just makes me happy. One of those songs from the 80's that takes you right back there.

Song 7: Bubble Puppy "Hot Smoke and Sassafras." Another tune Duran turned me on to. I thought it was a joke when I heard the name but the song is great!

A few close calls: Procol Harum "Whiskey Train." This song is in the Guinness Book of World Record for the MOST COWBELL EVER! (NOT REALLY)

If you survived that LOUD video- My last border pick was Pat Traverse... "Boom Boom" is awesome but...