The other night I was taking out the trash and felt this strange sensation. Like something was slowly crawling up my leg. I got tagged by a brown recluse spider a few years ago so when it comes to critters crawling on me... I am kind of jumpy and overreactive. My wife watched me freak out, laughed at me, then asked me what it was. We turned on some light and it was a Walking Stick. She had NEVER seen one in real life before. He was shaken after going for a ride but he made it.

The next day, I walked outside and found him sleeping one off on my step. My kid was about to crush him.

It reminded me of watching a bat fly, so ungraceful. Check out my stick pics below. Anyone ever share a stick pic with you?

Walking Stick

A crazy fact about Walking Sticks... There are a lot of lesbians. They have large populations of females who reproduce without any males. Lots of girl on girl action. That blew my mind. Click here to see more fascinating facts about the Walking Stick. 

Another fun fact is other insects prefer to eat their poop. According to the San Diego Zoo.

Great, now I want to try Walking Stick poop. I bet it tastes like chicken.

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