Because what else would happen, right? We had the "murder hornets" last year so it only makes sense.

Apparently this is a pretty cool occurrence for those who actually like bugs and creepy-crawlies as it only happens every 17 years.

Yes, the 17-year cicadas, also known as Brood X cicadas have not made an appearance since 2004 and according to MLive, these bugs and their beady, red eyes will be ascending from the ground as soon as it gets warm enough.

According to MLive the 2021 Brood X cicada swarm "is expected to be one of the larger infestations we’ve seen of these periodical cicadas."

Isn't that just really great?

As far as where in Michigan these big ol' bugs that "sing for sex" will be, insect/arthropod diagnostician at Michigan State University, Howard Russell says "They’ll be only in the extreme lower southeast peninsula. Ann Arbor is about as far north as they come."

However, as Russell told MLive, they will be spread "pretty much throughout" our neighboring states like Ohio (haha, take that!) and as far as Tennessee, West Virginia and more.

You know, we experience cicadas all the time but something about a species of cicadas that spends 17 YEARS UNDERGROUND finally coming up to join us just is really freaky.

Not only is that terrifying in itself, MLive shared this staggering statistic: "From North Carolina to Connecticut and all the way into Michigan, humans will be outnumbered by the infestation by about 600 to 1."

If you have about as many heebie-jeebies as I do by this point, Russell did tell MLive they are not out to hurt us and are just more of a nuisance than anything....though they may even fly onto us.

I swear, if you catch me flailing around and crying in a parking lot this summer, don't mind me I'm just a baby when it comes to big bugs with big're reading a post written by a lady who is afraid of moths.

All in all, in the end it is a pretty cool phenomenon I guess and why wouldn't we follow up the nightmare that was 2020 with a cicada invasion?

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