A little before 8 am today, WMMQ introduces the Monster Classic Rock Block at 8 o'clock with Joey and Maitlynn. It's a 2 hour Classic Rock block to kick-start the work day for the workforce.

If size matters to you, and it should, ours is biggest. A lot of radio stations talk about how big their package is... "It's an hour long" and it lasts about 45 minutes. Here at our HUGE radio station, we always offer more. If we tell you 2 hours, it's going to be well over 2 hours. We know people are out there with stop watches.

Seriously, 2 freaking hours without commercials. I always used to ask "Why don't we just play music... That is why people come here." We wouldn't make the big bucks doing that but people would love it!

This is a limited time only. Act now to take advantage of these big savings! Tune your radio to WMMQ or download the free WMMQ app directly below this period.

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You can listen anywhere in the world but you aren't traveling the world anytime soon, Buttercup. So, tune us in around 8 am each weekday for Classic Rock that don't stop! The Monster Classic Rock Block at 8 o'clock with Joey and Maitlynn. We aren't mad they told us to shut up. We love the music just as much as you do.

Today is cover song Friday!

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