It seems to me like the Mullet is still the top haircut in the U.P.

The internet says the Mullet hair style is making a comeback! I know for some people it NEVER went out of style, NEVER will. But now it's ladies donning the Mullet do. Is there anything more attractive than a lady with a Mullet. Yes. Yes there is. Lots of things.

My friend Ashley Medina hit me up and says she does the Mullet cut locally at Bliss Salon Spa Boutique!

I just wanted to invite you to check out my mullet album. the timeless hairstyle happens to be my specialty, & i do them almost everyday!

check out:




It's hard to peg the greatest Mullet but Joe Dirt has to be the leader...

Sean William Scott makes me laugh like no other Mullet though. Old School.

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