For the past year and a half I have been noticing something peculiar almost every time I look at a clock. It started with consistent numbers on the clock. I have been seeing times like 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, 10:10, 11:11 and 12:12. What is the significance of seeing these times. It all started with 11:11.

Scott Griessel
Scott Griessel

I thought I was losing my mind or I was really consistent at looking at the time, at the same time, everyday. I had heard that there is some sort of cool explanation behind seeing these times, I'm pretty lucky to see it everyday. Is it the universe's way of telling me to play the lottery?

Zoonar RF

As it turns out, depending on what you believe, I am not losing my mind. In fact it's a good thing. Stylecaster says this about 11:11:

Not only is 1111 considered a “master number,” it’s also an angel number through which your spirit guides may be contacting you. Not in a “Hey, Susan, how ya doin’,” sort of way, but more like a confirmation that you’re on the right path (although that would be cool to say wassup to your spirit guides and get a nm, hbu back). Of course, you may see 11:11 on the clock, but it can also show up in the most mundane of places. Maybe you’ll see it on a license plate, maybe your next purchase will ring up as $11.11. Wherever you see it, you can rest assured, knowing that you’re headed in the right direction in terms of spiritual growth and manifesting your goals.

I love the word "manifest". It's time to manifest your goals too! Stylecaster says:

The number 11 is potent with ~manifestation powers~. So be sure to pay attention to your thoughts right now. Members of the spiritual community heavily preach thinking positive thoughts only, especially during 11:11 and on Nov. 11, because it’s quite possible that just through the power of thought alone, you may make certain things happen. In less woo-y terms: Be sure to focus on the things you want to happen and not on what you’re afraid of happening. Think positive thoughts. You’re more likely to spot and seize opportunities if you do.

Personally I believe in this theology. 6 months before I went back into radio I started seeing 11:11. I continue to see it now. I manifested my dreams, I did so while I was and continue to be on the "right" path. I hope that you see a lot of 11:11's in your life. There's a chance you could see it twice a day. Let it happen naturally.

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