Everyone has their favorite Christmas song. They also have some not so favorite songs. These are the songs that do not get me in the Christmas spirit. In fact, they turn me into a Scrooge. Do you have a Christmas song that makes you Stabby?

Here are my LEAST favorite 5 Christmas songs.

Unhonorable Mention: Barking Dogs "Jingle Bells." Really? I have it muted by the 3rd bark. This may have been funny the first time you heard it.

5) "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer"- Elmo and Patsy. This song was funny the first time I heard it. I don't really understand how a death in the family could be comical. The song came out in 1979 and has been annoying people at Christmas ever since.

4) "Hey Santa" by Carnie and Wendy Williams. The group that ruined the 90's with "Hold On" is now ruining Christmas for everyone with this god awful song. Happy Birthday Jesus, hope you like crap. It's like a earwhig you can't get out of your head.

3) "Santa Baby" by anyone who sings it. Christmas isn't about the material things! This is the gold digger anthem. It teaches men they need to buy a chick's love. What does that have to do with Christmas?

2) "My Favorite Things" by anyone. Wasn't this used in the "Sound of Music?" Was that a Christmas movie? Again, it's a materialistic anthem about all the crap someone wants at Christmas. It just doesn't strike me as good.

1) "Little Saint Nick" by The Beach Boys. I hate the Beach Boys. I don't know what this song has to do with Christmas or how it gets anyone in the Christmas spirit? My least favorite line is "Christmas comes this time each year." Really? Thanks for the info.

Do you have a Christmas song that DRIVES YOU CRAZY?!



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