I have to be honest. I WISH I was the parent people think I am. I have heard "you're a great dad!" and laughed in the person's face. I have NO idea how to raise a kid. Let alone, a special needs kid.

EVERY SINGLE DAY, I take her somewhere, trying to learn and get better but I feel like a fraud. So, I look, watch and read. I asked a friend to teach me some "parenting for dummies" and Amy has helped me and our family so much. Just by talking to your child. Asking them questions. Creating conversations, even if they can't talk.

I had no clue how to talk to my 2 year-old. Then at playgroup yesterday, I spotted this.


I know it seems obvious but I haven't said at least half the things on this list. Click here to see the TOP 40 Phrases a Child needs to hear. 
Then, I started to make my own list of the things my dad said to me as a kid.

"I'll give you something to cry about." Was #1.

"What are you crying about?" Was #2.

"Show me someone who likes to lose and I'll show you a loser." Was #3.

I don't think my dad ever hit ONE of these... But I surely wasn't worthy of them.

"Thank you." Is all I need to hear from him anyway and he says it a lot. I can see in his eyes he is proud. He doesn't need to say it.

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