The first thing about Webberville you should know is Mr. Wheeler lives here. He taught Agriculture and was the FFA leader for years. He has saved more people than the bible. Seriously, the man has shown more people a skill they didn't know they had, than anyone I have ever met. When I think about Webberville, he is the first thing I think of.

If someone says "we have to go to Rick's", that means you want to go to the Party Store. Bob owns it and has for the past 10 years but Rick owned it before him so we still call it Rick's.

Wville 2

Another fun fact about Webberville is: The gas station in town doesn't sell gas. It's more of a repair shop. There are pumps but don't even try it. There is a gas station on M52 but NO ONE from Webberville goes there because they are gougers and EVERYONE knows it.


Webberville has more granaries than stoplights. My dad used to work at the one pictured below. He lost a co-worker there in 1990. George Pung fell in and never came out alive. There was also another accidental death there 2015. When people think of our town, they likely think of the farmland and granaries but people from Webberville don't.

Wville 3

There is also a "Coney Island" restaurant that opens and closes periodically, In our house we call it "Under New Management." I firmly believe they should rename it this.

The people are genuine and the air is crisp. After I graduated, I couldn't wait to get away... Then, I couldn't wait to go back.

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