Michigan's opioid problem is so bad, they are finding needles on the streets of Escanaba. We have heard, the state is spending big money trying to overhaul the state's prescription tracking database. So, if you went you one Dr. for your prescription, you couldn't go to another Dr. with the same conditions to double up. It seems to make sense and you wonder why this hasn't been place already?

If you thought pot was the gateway to opioids... You may want to check out this story from Mlive. It talks about the 7 things you need to know about the opioid epidemic. It's scary stuff, 433 people died in Michigan last year from heroin related overdoses. Those numbers are rising.

One thing you could do to discourage your children from heroin, is watch some traumatizing movies with them. The Basketball Diaries and Rush scared me straight. I NEVER wanted to do drugs after watching those movies. This may not work for everyone but it surely worked on me.

Even the greatest, most educated minds have been lost to this.