Last week, we were discussing the most iconic, recognizable AMERICAN voices. I believe it's HANDS DOWN- Tom Petty. Being from Michigan, most folks around here go with Bob Seger. I believe nationwide, it;s Tom Petty. IN ANY GENRE OF MUSIC.

It all made me think of Jim Breuer and his vocal impersonations. Jim is hilarious and does an amazing Brian Johnson, In fact, I believe he would be better than Axl Rose if he sang for AC/DC. His other impersonations were spot on. His James Hetfield "ooh Yeah!" is done by me daily and his Ronnie James Dio "We're off to the witch" will get you digging through your old records again.

Jim always looks stoned and was in the movie "Half Baked." It recently celebrated the 20th year of its release. The director talked about the actors and how they actually weren't stoned for a lot of the movie... Until Snoop Dog showed up... Click here for a good laugh.

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