I was checking out the booze aisle the other day at Walmart and came up on this and wondered, wtf year is this? Did I just walk through the space time continuum? No, it was still 2018 and there was F*****G Zima on the shelves! I seen it in Meijer too.

From the Buzzed Pants Stash
From the Buzzed Pants Stash

After I swallowed the vomit in my mouth. I sent a picture to my wife and she was all like "Gross! Why?"

I just thought, if these millennials haven't experienced disappointing drinking, they will now. I NEVER got a good buzz from this crap. Only headaches.

I remember trying it in 1995 and every guy I saw offered me "a real beer." I thought they were just being jerks but they were trying to save me. Now, I am trying to save you.

I feel like Nancy Kerrigan.

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