Here are three places in Lansing that would be good places for a new high school. (Dollars and cents sense are not taken into account!)

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    GM Sites

    All of the sites could give the district plenty of options. One big school replace all three could be built. A new building could combine the northern schools into one, leaving Sexton available to transition into a junior high building, or a junior/elementary combo. If the former Fisher Body plant were to be chosen, the athletic facilities west of Sexton would still be usable and convenient for the district. A new super building at MLK Boulevard and I-496 would be an interesting feature to the western part of downtown.

    Former GM site at MLK/I-496
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    This is certainly not going to go over well with many locals, after hearing their gripes over the former Red Cedar and Waverly Golf Courses. But, if Lansing has one very nice 9-hole municipal course, it would be beneficial to residents and the city budget. Maintenance costs would be drastically lower. If you were to transition the southern third of the golf course, specifically, the land that currently is home to holes 10, 11, 16, 17, and 18, into district property, it would make a beautiful, convenient setting for a Lansing Eastern replacement.

    Groesbeck Golf Course at Grand River Avenue and Wood Road
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    The current Pattengill remains the likely site for a Lansing Eastern replacement. The district owns the property, and more nearby. The school is fairly new, could be easily added onto to accommodate a split school for both Pattengill and Eastern. Or, as the district has tossed about, adding onto and transitioning Fairview School into a middle school. The problem is, Eastern High would still likely have to have its football, track and field facilities at on off-site location. (Marshall Park? Orchard Park?)