My buddy Craig "Gump" Garmyn at Gump's BBQ had posted a couple of briskets soaking in the brine, getting ready to be turned into corned beef for this Friday's St. Patrick's Day festivities.

Always being ready for some of Gump's culinary creations and being Catholic and following the Lenten tradition of passing on meat every Friday during the 40 day observation, I was in a quandary. "Is it cheating to eat meat during the celebration of the Patron Saint of Ireland?" The answers I received from savvy friends was "no!"

Apparently, it's OK for those of who observe the rules of Lent to bypass this one Friday! So feel no guilt when you're out with Deb Hart and Joey Pants this Friday at Claddagh in Eastwood Town Center for "Kegs and Eggs!" Stack those plates high with rashers of bacon and mounds of corned beef. It's for a "bit o' the craic" and a few pints of fun! Slainte'!

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