is reporting Trans-Siberian Orchestra creator Paul O'Neill has passed away from a chronic illness. He was 61 years old. Get the full story by clicking here. TSO made an announcement on their Facebook page.

One of the comments described to me what kind of man he was.

Ray Icouldcareleski said:  Amazing.....
He called it “whacking”. It began near his property on 12th Street, Manhattan. He’d get his driver to circle Union Square while he identified a suitable beggar; then he’d jump out, shove a hundred-dollar bill into their hand, jump back in and drive off. Soon, he realised that many of the people he was giving to were schizophrenic and he was scaring them out of their wits. So he started passing the money to his daughter because, he reasoned, they were more likely to accept it from a three-year-old girl. He gradually increased the amount he gave – from a hundred to ten, twenty, fifty thousand dollars in a roll of notes. Paul O’Neill and his daughter would drive around the square and she’d say: “Let’s whack ’em, Dad, let’s whack ’em hard.”
I only have one platinum record in my house. It was given to by Paul after I interviewed him back in 2009. It's a TSO platinum record with my name on it. Paul even made me feel like a rock star.

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