I refuse to call it 'Za. We refer to it as pie around our house, mainly because of this Brian Regan bit. Click here to see "Let's Split a Pie."

Ladies and Gentleman, it's National Pizza Day! It's is NOT true the best pizza places have pizza in their title but I have seen some pretty clever pizza names recently. The Pizza's Champ in Howell is one of my favorites just for the name alone. (Even got em some free advertising) The da Vinci Crust and Pizza for Pyros also scored high.

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Now, we could fight about what kind of pizza is the best... It's deep dish from Jet's by the way, but I would much rather defend the honor of pineapples on pizza today. Go ahead and keep the thin crust pizza.

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Look, I get it. A LOT of white people grew up in homes without flavor... I was one of them. But once you discover delicious flavors and you don't incorporate them into your life... You die. Well, you become boring af and no one wants to be around you, Blandy.

Once you discover how pineapple makes other foods, especially pork, POP! There is no going back. Pineapple and ham on pizza is one of the gifts God gave us and should be appreciated every National Pizza Day.

I know there are haters. Pineapple belongs on pizza. Dead fish do not. Anchovies, artichokes, eggplant and broccoli all were hated more than pineapple. Click here to see the truth. 

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