If I could go back in time to get a slice of pizza pie, I would go back to Mason's Mobil in Webberville back in 1987, when my sisters were working there, and get a slice of pepperoni pizza from the Westside Deli. That stuff was the BEST I ever had. Sadly, the Mason family sold the joint and the pizza was never the same.

Now, the closest anyone has come, in my opinion, is O'Connor's Deli in Fowlerville. Plus, the cheesy bread is AMAZING! They always ask "ranch or Marinara?" and I always say... "the marijuana sauce please." Now, they remember me.

Nick's pizza in Webberville was an all-time favorite but I think that was because EVERYONE in the town went there after games. The old Nick's Pizza in Webberville will be reopened Thursday as M-43 Pizza. Good luck to the new owners James and Janeane Jackson on their new endeavor. Click here to see their Facebook page. 

Where do you get the best pizza? Even if we had a time machine. Where and when?

What item will you NOT eat on a Pizza? Green peppers always belong, silly.



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