Have you ever tried to do a backflip? The only time I didn't chicken out is when I was on a trampoline. I used to envy the people who could do it. I am sure if I got drunk enough... I would try this. Meet Khalen Saunders. His fiancée is about to give birth. He is so dedicated to his pro career and getting noticed, he decided to miss the birth of his child to play football. He also made a video to show how athletic he is.

Saunders went to Western Illinois and is by all accounts a hard worker and a great guy. He is expected to be taken in the mid rounds but became the media star of the Senior Bowl for missing his kids birth. His fiancée has no problem with it and even told told Saunders agent to "DO NOT LET HIM COME BACK TO THE HOSPITAL!"

The Senior Bowl is Saturday at 1:30 on the NFL Network.

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