Waverly High School is truly lucky to have such an amazing teacher as Mr. Carr. Not to take away anything from the other truly amazing faculty and staff of WHS, but World Language Night is truly an amazing display of hard work and love for the diverse group of students who attend the school and the diversity in backgrounds that they all come from.

World Language Night is not only put on by students, much time, money and materials are donated by alumni and those just willing to help. Stories of volunteers helping every weekend and working 13 hour days, were not uncommon.

The themes were in range from a Monsters Inc. sketch that was all in Spanish. Cultural dancing, Chinese dragons and hilarious video productions of Scooby Doo in Arabic and Ghostbusters in French. All were nothing less than spectacular.

The audience was also treated to a surprise guest in the 2017 Grand Marshal, who was none other than Detroit native and WWE Superstar "RHYNO!" A mountain of an athlete with a soft demeanor and message of encouragement to "Never Give Up" when it comes to your goals and aspirations in life.

The evenings festivities were capped off with a tear filled "Adios" to "Senior Carr" from Seniors (including my own daughter, Eryn) for his tireless efforts in not only educating the hundreds of students through Spanish as a language, but his never ending quest to reach the hearts and minds of young people who pass through his class. WLN is his baby and he truly should be proud!

A special note: Here is a link from the Lansing State Journal about the preparation of World Language Night: Click Here For LSJ Article 

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