My 14 year old stepdaughter and I were out for a walk last night when a kitty came running across a yard and started 'talking' to us, so we stopped to say 'Hey' and pet the friendly feline. The cat then began following us as we tried to walk away, which made me think about the old superstition that if a cat finds/chooses you, it's bad luck to not give it a home.

So we're hanging out in front of the house, giving our 'highly experienced' vet exam of the girl (?) kitty, guessing age, etc, when I look up and realize that we're in the front of the home of the legendary Scott Allman and his lovely wife Katherine. Scott started working here at WMMQ long before I got here, hosting the Capital City Blues Cruise every Sunday from 7 to 9 PM.

Realizing that the cat might be theirs, I thought we should knock and ask about the kitty. No answer, so off we went, my stepdaughter cradling the cat who seemed quite content to come with us. I told her if the cat acted like it wanted to get down, we had to  set it down and move along. The cat was completely chill all the way home.  We decided 'she' must be hungry, so I opened up a can of kitty chow and brought it outside. The cat was uninterested, just hung out in the yard with us for a bit. I told my stepdaughter that if the cat was still in our yard today (we have two cats and a dog inside - couldn't bring in a random), that we could take 'her' to the vet and get her checked out.

My stepdaughter stayed outside with the cat for a bit when I went in the house and decided that I should probably send Scott a message on Facebook. I gave him my version of the story and his reply was this:

"His name is Parker. I'll come on over."
By the time he got there, the cat had wandered off and My Honey had just pulled into the driveway, too, wondering what the hell was going on. He got the story, then points across the street, "Hey, that looks like a black cat over there..."
Scott called, "Hey, Parker, come on! Let's go!" and the cat trotted over, he picked him up and held him like a baby while we talked for a few minutes, then drove away from the cat thieves.



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