If you're like most people, you would like to know what the different vaccine distribution phases are for receiving the COVID-19 vaccine and how do we get the vaccine?

According to WILX, as various local health departments are starting to distribute COVID-19 vaccines, many people need much more information as to where they can access said vaccines.

Aa you already know, there are defined populations and or priority groups that will be targeted during the different COVID-19 vaccine distribution phases.

There are several phases when it comes to receiving the COVID-19 vaccine:

1. Phase 1A. healthcare workers, emergency medical service workers, long term care, assisted living/skilled nursing facility staff and residents.

2. Phase 1B. frontline essential workers in critical infrastructure such as education and police forces and those who are 75 years and older.

3. Phase 1C. people in the age group 16-74 who are at high risk for severe COVID-19 illness, adults 65 and older, and some essential workers that were not given access to vaccine in pervious phases.

4. Phase 2. people who are 16 and older who did not otherwise fit into earlier groups.

If you click right here on WILX, you will get a lot of information from Mid-Michigan Counties as to when and where you can receive your COVID-19 vaccination.

For example:

Ingham County: The Ingham County Health Department has a limited supply of vaccines each week. They are vaccinating people in Phase 1A. Segments of Phase !B will open on Monday, January 11.

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